Marlon Jackson Jr (Chye Beats )

Full name: Marlon Jackson Jr.
Artist name: Chye Beats
Date of birth: 23 September, 1981
Parents: Marlon Jackson and Carol Ann Parker
Siblings: Brittny and Valencia

Marlon “Chye Beats” Jackson Jr. descends from music royalty. Son of the platinum selling Marlon Jackson Sr. of the Jackson 5, nephew of the legendary Michael and Janet Jackson, Marlon is no stranger to the music industry. Marlon first experienced his desire to produce while viewing platinum selling artist Nas perform from backstage at the San Diego Sports Arena in California. After that experience, Marlon was determined to build his own studio and produce quality music. As a multi talented producer Marlon works the boards effortlessly but can also fluently play the drums and guitar. Together with Patrick “Street Poet” Dockett, Marlon has produced countless tracks in 2008 and released an album. They have also performed in clubs and galleries throughout the San Diego area. Later in 2008, Patrick reported that the group M.D.P. was no more, as he and Marlon Jr. parted ways. The status of Marlon Jr.'s career is unknown at the moment.  

Y'All Ain't Ready

Modern Day Poets - Y'all Ain't Ready
Musicforce, 2008

1. My People
2. Georgia Ham Boys Anthem
3. Where Dem Hoochies At
4. We Gon Ride
5. Real With Me
6. Lowest Place in Heaven Highest in Hell
7. Steel Reserve
8. Holla
9. Dark Side
10. Almost Lost
11. One More Day

Modern Day Poets (M.D.P) were Marlon ("Chye Beats") Jackson Jr. and Patrick “Street Poet” Dockett.